The 12 Best Inflatable Pools for Adults Reviews & Guide 2021

It’s summer! The sun is at its peak. Looks like a good day to be outside, right? What’s the best way to beat the heat? I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing beats having a plunge at the pool!

However, not all homeowners have the money to build an inground pool in the backyard. Fortunately, an inflatable can save the day!

Looking for the best blow-up pool? If you are thinking of buying one that is made with the needs of adults in mind, read on and learn from some of our recommendations.

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Top Inflatable Swimming Pools for Adults

Compared to inflatable kiddie swimming pools, those made for adults are bigger and deeper. They are made using strong materials. Some even have seats for lounging. That said, our team came up with a list of suggestions after spending hours of thorough research.

Intex Easy Set Pool Set with Filter Pump

At 8 feet by 30 inches, this is good enough for adults but compact even for small backyard space. It has laminated PVC walls. Setting the pool up is fairly easy since you just need to inflate the top ring and you are ready to fill it with water. There are some people, however, who noted that the bottom seam might be prone to leaking.

Intex 15ft x 42in Easy Set Pool with Filter, Pump, Ladder, Ground Cloth, and Pool Cover

This is basically the same as the product above, but it is larger, providing space for more users. Despite being big, the set-up can be accomplished in a snap, which will take only approximately 15 minutes to complete. It has a capacity of 284 gallons and the manufacturer recommends filling it only at a maximum of 80%.

Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

One thing that we love about this pool is that it has a generous size, providing plenty of space to move around. It is even made better by the fact there is lounge seating with a high backrest, which will make it comfortable. There are two air chambers, making it quick to set-up. Repair patches are included as a part of the package.

Intex Swim Center Family Inflatable Pool

With a maximum capacity of 264 gallons, this is large enough to comfortably fit two adults and one kid. The main material used is 15-gauge vinyl, which is known for its durability. The wide side walls are also nice, which will make it comfortable for lounging, although, there are no seats, unlike the model mentioned above.

Intex Relax and Keep Cool 57191WL Family Lounge Pool

This inflatable pool comes with four lounge seats, making it comfortable enough for both adults and kids. It even has backrests! Some of its users noted that at its size, it is good enough for up to four adults and two kids. Some people, however, shared that it might not be strong enough to hold water, so you might want to not fill it until the maximum capacity.

Intex 28125EH Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool with Filter Pump

The design of this pool is inspired by the underwater world, which makes it distinct from most of the options that are included in this list. Its sidewalls are made of Super Tough laminated PVC, which is quite common for Intex inflatable pools. It is packaged with an advanced and powerful filter pump, which has a maximum flow rate of 33 gallons per hour.

Bestway H2OGO Two-in-One Inflatable Pool

This s a pool and slide combo, which is perfect for both kids and adults. One end of the pool is designed to accommodate up to two adults with a comfortable lounge-style seat. The other end, meanwhile, is for kids and has a slide. It is made of sturdy vinyl, providing you with the assurance that it will be long-lasting.

Bestway H2OGO Hexagon Family Pool

It comes with three inflatable seats that are built-in into the pool, making it great for backyard relaxation. There are also cup holders in the side of each seat, perfect for holding beers or other drinks. Some users, however, noted that it can be quite disappointing when it comes to durability, despite the claim from the manufacturer that it is made using rugged vinyl.

Bestway FastSet Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool

One of the best things about this inflatable pool for adults is its durable construction, making it last season after season. It is made of three layers of thick materials that can withstand wear. The inner layer is made of polyester mesh and it is layered with two outer PVC. There is a flow control valve, making it quick to drain water from the pool.

Sable Inflatable Swimming Pool

With a maximum capacity of up to 1,000 liters of water, this family-sized pool is big enough to fit up to two adults. There are six valves around the rectangular pool, making it easy to have it inflated in just about three minutes. It is made of environmental-friendly material that can withstand tough use. This also prevents the pool from leaking over time.

Jilong Pentagon Inflatable Family Pool

Like most of the pools that we have mentioned in this post, this one is made of durable vinyl that can withstand the test of time. The maximum capacity is only 118 gallons, which makes it quite small. Because of the pentagon shape, however, the space can be quite cramped compared to those that are rectangular or oval.

Jilong Giant Inflatable Rectangular Pool

This is from the same maker as the pool that has been mentioned above, the only difference is that it is larger and has a rectangular shape instead of a pentagon. It has three rings, each with individual valves for inflating and deflating. It has a total length of 12 feet, which makes it perfect for a small group. There is also a convenient drain plug that makes it effortless to drain.

Adult Inflatable Pools FAQs

Before we end this post, below are some of the most common questions that you have and our short answers.

What is the Best Material for an Adult Inflatable Pool?

The material of the pool is critical for its durability and safety. Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is one of the most popular materials used in many of the pools available on the market. It is often coated with vinyl or nylon, which will add structural integrity. In fact, all of the pools mentioned in this post are made of PVC, which is also often listed as vinyl.

Do You Need Chemicals for an Adult Inflatable Pool?

Yes, the use of chemicals will be necessary for the maintenance of the pool. It will treat water to remove the contaminants that are present while also making it crystal-clear. This will prevent wasting water.

Using chemicals for water treatment will be critical in maintaining the right alkalinity and pH levels.

You need to buy home-testing kits that will make it easy to determine when it is time to treat the water. The pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.6. Meanwhile, the free chlorine needs to be between 1 and 3 parts per million.

How Do You Keep an Inflatable Adult Pool Clean?

Proper care and maintenance will be key to the longevity of an inflatable pool.  For large pools, it is recommended that you shock it at least once a week. Using chlorine will help in preventing algae and bacteria from contaminating the water in the inflatable pool.

Use a pool cover or a net when it is not being used. This will prevent large debris from getting in the pool.

Algae stains can also be a common problem and can appear on the pool liner. To get rid of algae, simply drain the pool, and use a soft brush, water, and mild detergent to scrub it off.

How Do You Drain an Adult Inflatable Pool?

Depending on the model that you will choose, draining it does not need to be a difficult task. Most of them have a drain valve at the bottom part. Others have several drain valves to speed up the process. All that you need to do is to remove the valve and the water will start flowing out to drain the water.

Where is the Best Position for an Adult Inflatable Pool?

As much as possible, you should avoid the area under the tree since falling leaves and debris can cause the pool to easily become dirty. It will also be great to position it on top of concrete or any level ground. If the surface is uneven, minor landscaping might be necessary to make the ground flat. Watch out for rocks and other sharp objects.

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Wrap Up

An inflatable swimming pool provides a good place to cool down in the backyard. It is cheaper than building an inground pool and also versatile since it can be taken down when you need additional space in the yard.

Do you have an inflatable pool at home? Are there other products that you would like to include on our list? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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