The 18 Best Bathroom Sinks Reviews & Guide 2021

A sink is one of the best decorative pieces to have in the bathroom. Choosing one, however, can be an overwhelming process. With the different materials, colors, and styles available, picking the best is a challenging task.

The best sink to have in the bathroom is a combination of both form and function. If you have no idea about which one will make a good choice, keep on reading and learn from some of our recommendations.

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Top Bathroom Sinks

After spending hours of research, our team came up with a selection of the best sinks that you can have in the bathroom, including those that are listed below.

Kohler K-2355-0 Archer Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

Kohler bathroom sinks are amongst the best you will find on the market. This specific model comes with a rectangular design for a classic look and has beveled edges for a sleek appeal, making it an excellent way to up the aesthetics of your bathroom.

The material that is used is vitreous china, which has been praised by many of its users for its durability. It is also easy to clean, so you do not have to worry about its maintenance.

To complete the look, buyers of this sink recommend that it goes well with granite or quartz.

Kohler K-2214-0 Ladena Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

Made by the same manufacturer as the sink mentioned above, this model also comes with a rectangular shape, but the main difference is that it is curved instead of having sharp edges.  It is also made of vitreous china, which is known for being a long-lasting material.

Because it is an undermount sink, it will blend seamlessly in almost any counter design and will not be obtrusive.

This is also the most spacious from the bathroom sinks of Kohler, so if you are looking for one that is large, this will be an excellent choice.

Kohler K-2210-0 Caxton Under-Mount Bathroom Sink

If you prefer oval over rectangular sinks, this is one option that should be on your radar. It has a versatile and streamlined design, made even better by a material that is easy to maintain.

For many of the users of this product, they loved the depth of the sink, which will prevent water from splashing on your face.

However, take note that this is a sink-only package. It does not come with the attachments that will be needed.

American Standard 0614000.020 Studio Undercounter Bathroom Sink

For a bathroom with minimalist design, this sink will be another stunning choice. It has a sleek geometry with curved edges, which will instantly up the appeal of your bathroom’s countertop.

Like most of the high-quality sinks you can find, it is made of vitreous china. People were happy with the material because of its beautiful high-gloss finish. You’ll also love the fact that it is stain-resistant.

While the manufacturer states that the color is white, some users noted that it is actually yellowish-white.

American Standard 0282.008.020 Retrospect Pedestal Console Sink

This is one of the most expensive from the products that we have listed in this post, but there is a reason for such. It is manufactured by one of the most trusted bathroom sink brands and made of high-quality materials. The main material used is fireclay, which is known for its exceptional durability.

Take note, however, that this is a basin-only package. The pedestal needs to be purchased separately.

Toto LT542G  Under-Counter Lavatory

Even Elle Décor agrees that this is one of the best sinks that can add an unmatched appeal to the bathroom. This will specifically make a great choice if you are looking for a large sink.

One of the best things about this sink is the Sanagloss Technology, which provides a smooth glaze. Aside from being beautiful, it also makes the lavatory easy to clean.

However, there are some people who questioned the quality control of the sink, noting how there are some instances when the glaze is problematic.

Kraus GV-580 Copper Illusion Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink

This is one of the most stylish from the bathroom sinks that we have mentioned in this post. The distinct look is attributed to the tempered glass construction with copper finish. The surface is scratch and stain-resistant. It also has a polished surface that is easy to clean.

The sink comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Kraus KCR-281 Elavo Bathroom Semi-Recessed Ceramic Sink

The high-quality ceramic is one of the best assets of this bathroom sink. It can resist stains and scratches, allowing it to preserve its aesthetic appeal even with long-term use. The color does not fade over time.

Right out of the box, this sink is ready for installation as it is inclusive of all the mounting hardware that you will need.

Like the Kraus sink mentioned above, this model also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Aquaterior Tempered Glass Vessel Sink

For a minimalist and contemporary bathroom, this is another sink that should be on your radar. It has a round shape and made of tempered glass. The glossy surface is scratch-resistant and does not require a lot in terms of its maintenance.

Since it is a vessel sink, the installation is sure to be a breeze. It uses universal hardware that is not included as a part of the package.

VCCUCINE Rectangle Above Counter Sink

The European-inspired design of this sink makes it another great addition to create a bathroom that is guaranteed to stun. It is made of durable ceramic with a crystalline glaze that will make it easy to clean.

It has high-temperature internal molding, which guarantees durability. This also helps to prevent leakage.

DECOLAV 1402-CWH Callensia Rectangular Sink

For a classic sink with a timeless appeal, this is another sink that does the job. Each piece is made by artisans and they have been double-fired and glazed, providing an assurance of its durability.

However, take note that the drain holes are misaligned, which can pose a problem when it comes to plumbing.

Comllen Above Counter Ceramic Bathroom Sink

The smooth ceramic surface of this vessel sink does not only look good but also well-loved by many because of ease of cleaning. The color, as shared by the users, does not easily fade over time.

One issue with this sink is that it comes with a flat bottom. This is a design element that some people might not appreciate because draining can be quite slow.

KES BVS110 Rectangular Vessel Sink

Made of ceramic, this sink will be the perfect way to add European design elements in the bathroom. While it is rectangular, the edges are curved, which softens the overall look.

If you are buying this sink, take note that there are no drilled holes for the faucet. You will need to have counter-mount or wall-mount faucet.

Nantucket Sinks Rectangle Ceramic Undermount Vanity

If you have a small vanity, this sink can prove to be an excellent option because of its space-efficient design.

The sink comes with a porcelain enamel glaze that completes the look while also adding excellent surface protection, allowing it to hold well through time.

Because it is small, however, this might not fit in the standard sink opening, requiring the need to make a new one.

SINKOLOGY BOD-0903BRN Dalton Drop-in Bathroom Sink

Break out from the ordinary with the contemporary design of this sink, which was hand-crafted to ensure attention even to the smallest details. It has a hammered nickel finish that provides unmatched luxury to the bathroom. The finish is also maintenance-free.

Installation can be quite tasking because there are no clamps or hooks on the side where the sink can be attached.

Luxier CS-006 Bathroom Porcelain Ceramic Sink

The sink comes with sloped sides. It gets deeper as it reaches the middle, which is a good thing to make sure that the water flows directly to the drain rather than collecting on the surface.

There are different choices when it comes to the finish of this bathroom sink – oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, or chrome.

Walcut Wall-Mount Rectangle Corner Sink

This wall-mounted sink comes with a simple but elegant design that makes it a great choice if you want minimalism. It offers value for money since it is already inclusive of a chrome faucet. There are some people, however, who did not like the quality of the faucet included, so you might want to change it with a better one.

Renovator’s Supply Small Wall Mount Sink

If you are looking for the best drop in bathroom sinks, this should be on your list. It is space-efficient, making it great for small spaces, including a half bath.

In terms of installation, it does not require too much effort on your end. It just needs to be slipped in place and there is no need to deal with mounting brackets.

Best Bathroom Sinks FAQs

What are the Different Types of Bathroom Sinks?

Bathroom sinks can be differentiated based on how they are installed. Drop-in bathroom sinks, for instance, are installed under the countertop. Wall-mounted sinks, as the name implies, are attached to a wall. More so, a vessel sink is placed just above the counter. A pedestal sink, meanwhile, is made with a stand that holds the sink and covers the plumbing elements.

What are Bathroom Sinks Made of?

This will depend on the specific product that will be chosen. Some of the most common materials, however, are cast polymer, vitreous china, glass, composite, copper, cast iron, and stainless steel.

How do You Clean a Bathroom Sink?

Through the years, the bathroom sink will look bad if it is not well-maintained. The colors can fade, and stains may appear. To clean a bathroom sink, it is best to go natural rather than using chemical-laden cleaners. Sprinkling baking soda on the top and scrubbing it afterward will work.

What are the Sizes of bathroom Sinks?

This will also differ on what is offered by the manufacturer. Most of the round sinks are 16 to 20 inches. Those that are rectangular, on the other hand, tend to be larger and are often approximately 16 to 24 inches.

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Wrap Up

Indeed, a bathroom sink is one of the best visual statements for the bathroom. It can make or break the overall design of the space. Keep an eye on the products that we have recommended above to enjoy the best bang for the buck.

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