The 10 Best Beekeeping Starter Kits Reviews 2021

Technically known as apiculture, beekeeping refers to the “intentional maintenance of honeybee hives by humans.” Often, the main goal is to extract honey from the bees, among other products. It can also be done to pollinate crops or generate beeswax.

While beekeeping may seem like an interesting hobby, it is challenging, especially for starters. To make things easier, you will need to invest in the right starter kit, which will help you to get settled on the right foot.

With the tons of the choices for a beekeeping starter kit, which one should you choose? Keep on reading and we will list down some of the top options that have been praised by many people.

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Top Beekeeping Starter Kits

Clueless on how to get started as a beekeeper? Increase the chances of success by having the right starter kit, including the products that will be briefly mentioned below.

Honey Keeper Bee Hive 20-Frame Complete Box Kit

This is a 20-frame kit, making it an ideal option for those who are interested in raising a large colony. Upon receiving, a bit of assembly is required, but this is surely nothing that you won’t be able to handle.

The material of choice is also excellent, which is reflective of premium quality and longevity. The foundation is made using high-quality fir wood. On the other hand, the frames are white pine wood. To make it even more durable, the top part is made of galvanized metal with a telescoping function.

While the wood itself can already prove to be durable, many of the users recommended having two coats of paint to make it more capable of withstanding outdoor conditions.

Aside from the frames, the package that you will receive will also be inclusive of entrance reducer, bottom board, queen excluder, and inner cover.

Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

This is another product that can prove how beekeeping should never be a chore reserved for the pros. Even as a novice, you can succeed. This kit comes fully-assembled, so you can use it immediately right out of the box.

To provide the best bang for the buck, this kit comes with painted hive body, wood frames with foundation, bottom board with entrance reducer, telescoping cover, leather gloves, bee veil, hive tool, smoker with guard, and a book with the basics you need to know.

A lot of its users were all praises with the spacious interior, which will allow it to accommodate a bigger hive. To add, the size also allows improved air circulation for better temperature.

You will also be happy with the durability of the hive. It is created in such a way that it can withstand outdoor conditions.

Mann Lake Complete 10-Frame Bee Hive Kit

This is from the same manufacturer as the product that has been mentioned above. However, the main difference is that it does not come with accessories. But, it is already inclusive of the frames and the foundation that you will need to take care of a colony.

It comes in the form of a 10-frame fully-assembled body. The bottom board is made of solid painted wood. The entrance reducer, meanwhile, is unpainted. To add, it also has a telescoping cover with an inner cover.

As shared by the people who have used this in the past, it is quite effortless to use without having any technical knowledge. They also loved the versatility because you can effortlessly add another box with a frame as the beehive grows.

BuildABeehive 10-frame Deluxe Beehive Starter Kit

If you have always been intimidated over the thought of getting into beekeeping, this starter kit will make things a lot easier. It is user-friendly, so no need to worry even if you are a complete beginner.

The 10-piece frame design is one of its best assets, which makes it versatile. This will make it easy to expand when you want a bigger colony in the future.

As a kit, it is inclusive of almost all the supplies that you need to start on the right foot. It has wooden supers, grooved top bar frames, metal cover, plastic sheet foundation, inner cover, gloves, hive tool, and smoker and fuel.

Nonetheless, it is important to take note that it does not come fully-assembled. You need to do some work on your own, but this should not be an issue as it requires only basic carpentry skills.

Easy Bee Hive Starter Kit

Value for money – this is exactly why this product should be on the top of the list. It is inclusive of almost everything you will need -beehive super, all-purpose beehive tool, entrance reducer, bee smoker, bee veil, inner cover, bottom board, entrance cover, and telescoping metal cover, among others.

The beekeeping kit will be delivered unassembled. Nonetheless, there is no need to be intimidated as it comes with detailed instructions on how you can connect the pieces. It won’t take long before it is ready!

Best of all, there is a money-back guarantee, which will guarantee your highest level of satisfaction. If you are unhappy in any way, inform the manufacturer and you will receive an unconditional refund.

Little Giant Farm and AG HIVE10KIT

Everything that you will need in one kit – such is what you can expect when you buy this product. It is a 10-frame hive that comes with a solid foundation.

Aside from the frame, it is also inclusive of frame feeder, hive tool, bee brush, smoker, veil, and gloves. You will even get a free book, which will come in handy if you are not yet that knowledgeable when it comes to beekeeping.

The versatility of this kit is also impressive. As the user, you will be free to add reinforcements as you wish, although you have to purchase them separately since the package is inclusive only of the basic components that you will need.

The deep size of the bee frame can also be a good thing. Because of this, it can have a bigger space for honeycombs. You can expect faster growth of the bees and higher honey production.

VIVO Complete Beekeeping Kit

The aesthetic appeal of this product is one of the first things that will captivate your attention. However, there is more than what meets the eye. This Langstroth-style kit is well-made and highly-functional.

The main material that is used in the frame is pine wood. While it is exceptional, it is recommended that you treat it with wood preservative or a paint that is free of chemicals. This will help to prolong its lifespan and withstand the tough outdoor conditions.

It is also a good thing that it comes with a telescopic roof. It comes with a protective metal sheet, which will protect the bees from external elements that can harm them.

VIVO BEE-KIT2 Starter Tool Kit

This is a 4-in-1 beekeeping kit that is an ideal investment for those who are just getting started in apiculture. It is affordable, so there is no reason for you to not have it included in your list of choices.

With this kit, you will already get a bee smoker with heat shield, stainless steel frame holder, j-hook tool, and beehive brush. Unlike those that have been mentioned above, however, these are just starter tools. It is inclusive of the main frame or box where you will house the bee colony.

Blisstime Beekeeping Tool Kit

Similar to the product that has been mentioned above, this is inclusive only of the tools that you will need to get started and there is no box.

To be specific, the package will be inclusive of fork tool, beehive frame grip, synthetic brush, entrance feeder, and bee smoker.

Each part of the set is made with quality in mind. The smoker, for instance, is made of durable stainless steel. The brush, on the other hand, is soft enough for ease of separating the bees from the frame.

Happybuy Beehive Kit for Beginners

The style of this beekeeping kit is pretty much similar to most of the products that have been mentioned above. It is a Langstroth-style beehive with solid construction. The main material that is used is fir wood.

It comes with ten medium and ten deep frames, which won’t require too much on your end when it comes to its assembly. The rooftop, on the other hand, comes with a telescopic design and made of galvanized metal, providing protection to the colony from external elements that can harm them.

Meanwhile, the inner cover comes with a pre-cut joint, which will make the assembly a lot easier. This cover will also provide an additional entrance while improving air circulation to keep the bees healthier.

Nonetheless, it should be noted that it does not come with the important accessories that you will need when raising bees, such as smoker and veil.

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Wrap Up

While beekeeping is an exciting venture, truth be told, it is not a straightforward hobby. Among others, one thing that can make it easier would be the right starter kit, including those that have been mentioned above.

The top-rated beekeeping kits can do a lot to manage bee colonies in a breeze. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, these kits will be critical in your success in apiculture.

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