The 14 Best Digital Scales for Weed Reviews & Guide 2021

Now that marijuana is completely legal in 11 states, and cleared for medical use in 33, scales are selling faster than ever. The best digital scales for weed aren’t just for dealers anymore. For example, you’ll need a scale to get the right dose. It also helps keep track of your yield.

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As you shop for a digital scale for cannabis, think about these questions. Are you weighing large quantities or small amounts? How important is accuracy? Do you want a tabletop scale, or something portable? Or how about a stealth scale? (Be aware that it may count as paraphernalia if you live where cannabis isn’t legal yet or is still restricted to medical use.)

Top Digital Scales for Weed

We researched the top digital scales for marijuana and reviewed them here for you. We hope it helps you find exactly what you need.

American Weigh Scales GEMINI-20 Portable MilliGram Scale, 20 by 0.001 G

American Weigh makes a wide variety of digital scales. You can count on their accuracy and build quality. Moreover, they offer a 10-year warranty.

The Gemini-20 milligram scale is accurate down to one-thousandth of a gram. You can use it to measure quantities so small that you need to use the tweezers that come in the box to move items you weigh.

But also be aware that the maximum weight it supports is 20 grams. The tray is quite small but it comes with a protective flip-top lid. It runs on two AAA batteries (included).

Smart Weigh SWS600 Elite Pocket-Sized Digital Scale 600 x 0.1g

The Smart Weigh SWS600 scale has an essential feature called tare. For example, if you want to know how much the weed in your blunt weighs without the paper, it’s easy. Place a rolling paper on the tray first. Press the tare function button and watch as the scale goes back to zero. Then pour the leaves on top of the paper to discover their weight without the rolling paper included.

This compact scale fits in a pocket and runs on AAA batteries. The maximum amount it can measure is 600 grams or just over 21 ounces.

American Weigh Scales Black Blade Series BL-100-BLK Digital Pocket Scale, 100 by 0.01 G

Let’s switch back to American Weigh for their Black Blade pocket scale. Its main advantage is the retractable backlit display. Since the display folds away, it makes the scale even more compact.

This scale supports a maximum of a hundred grams in 0.01 increments, so it’s not as precise as the Gemini-20. But this makes more sense in the context of weighing weed.

There are only three buttons to worry about: power, tare, and mode. Mode allows you to switch between metric and imperial measurements, or grams and ounces. Tare allows you to find the actual weight of your weed while compensating for a container or rolling paper.

The scale requires two AA batteries and comes with a 10-year warranty.

Etekcity Digital Touch Kitchen Scale Multifunction Food Scale 1g Weighable with Easy to Clean Tempered Glass Surface, 11lb 5kg

The Etekcity kitchen scale is great for home use as it measures anything between 1 gram and 11 pounds, or 5 kilograms. You can weigh your harvest or your dose for vaping. The surface is tempered glass that’s easy to clean even if you get resin on it.

The only downside is that it requires two CR2032 coin batteries, something that not everyone has on hand. It comes with a one-year warranty.

American Weigh Scales Signature Series Silver AWS-1KG-SIL Digital Pocket Scale, 1000 by 0.1G

American Weigh also sells a versatile pocket scale that weighs objects between 0.1 grams and 1 kilogram, or 2.25 pounds. It has a sturdy steel lid that flips open to act as a tray to hold what you want to measure. The backlit LCD display is easy to read in the dark. Of course, the manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty and includes two AAA batteries in the box.

PalmScale SCPS8800 800g by 0.1g Scale

The Myweigh PalmScale gets good feedback from customers for its reasonable price and battery life. It runs on two AAA alkaline batteries, so don’t try rechargeables.

The protective lid is on a hinge that opens automatically when you’re ready to use the scale. The backlit LCD reveals weights between 0.1 grams and 800 grams. And also important, it comes with a calibration weight.

JamBer Digital Milligram Pocket Scales 0.001g x 50g

JamBer sells their digital milligram scale for measuring anything you can think of between one-thousandth of a gram and 50 grams. Not only does it weigh marijuana, but it can handle jewelry, gems, and powders. The LCD screen displays readings in ounces, grams, carets, DWT, and more.

You can remove the weighing platform to clean it if needed. You’ll also get tweezers in the package to help you manage tiny things, as well as two AAA batteries to get you started.

There’s a tare button to help you calculate the net weight and subtract whatever the container weighs. Use the slip-down shield to protect the scale when not in use. Additionally, it comes with a 50-gram weight so that you can calibrate it if needed.

Dapai Mini Digital Kitchen Scale 0.1g-3Kg with Tare Function- Stainless

Dapai’s Mini Scale has a limit of 3 kilos, but it’s accurate down to one-tenth of a gram. You can also measure in ounces, carats, and more. One handy feature is the alert that sounds if you’ve placed too heavy of an object on the tray. It will also warn you if the batteries are getting low.

This digital scale is travel-size, only about the size of a smartphone. It has a stainless steel surface that’s quick to wipe clean, plus it comes with two other trays as well. Dapai offers a lifetime warranty.

Weighmax Electronic Kitchen Scale – Weighmax 2810-2KG black

The Weighmax Kitchen Scale is a tabletop model with a removable glass bowl and tare function. It’s precise down to one gram or one-tenth of an ounce. The most it can measure is 2 kilograms or about 5 pounds. You’ll need to AA batteries to operate it.

Boldall Portable Digital Kitchen Food Scale, 500 grams x .01g/.001oz

Boldall’s Portable Food Scale measures between one-hundredth of a gram and half a kilogram. The stainless steel body and protective cover help it stand up to regular use. It also helps that the scale will warn you if you try to weigh something over 1.1 pounds, or 500 grams. It comes with a 60-day money -back guarantee.

Brifit Digital Mini Scale, 200g /0.01g Pocket Scale

You might save a little money if you go with the Brifit pocket scale. Keep in mind that several customers have said that the tare function doesn’t work properly. You might have to do the math yourself by weighing the container first, remembering the measurement, and then weighing the weed with the container and subtracting.

On the other hand, the scale comes with a 50-gram calibration weight and a battery to get you started. Brifit offers a full refund if you’re not satisfied, plus a one-year guarantee.

Horizon PCC-100 Digital 100g by 0.01g Pocket Scale and Calculator

The Horizon PCC-100 is both a digital scale and a calculator. The scale is accurate from 100 grams down to one-hundredth of a gram. The calculator is solar-powered so it’s always ready to use as long as you have a little like to work by.

American Weigh Scales MB-100-VINTAGE Vintage 100 x .01G Matchbox Scale

If you’re looking for a stealth scale, try this one from American Weigh. It fits neatly in almost any pocket because it looks like a matchbox. People that are not trained in looking for paraphernalia will look right past it if you set it down on a table. It measures only 1.4 x 2.9 x 0.5 inches.

The MB-100 Vintage scale measures in grams, carats, grains, and pennyweight, so it’s handy for a lot more than weighing weed. The flip-top cover also serves as an expansion tray. Furthermore, American Weigh offers a 10-year warranty.

Flip Phone Appearance Hidden Digital Pocket Scale, 500g by 0.1g

Another stealth option is this scale that resembles an old school flip phone. Close it and you’ll protect the sensitive measuring tray and backlit LCD. Open it and you’re ready to weigh in ounces, grams, grains, and carats. It runs on two CR2032 button batteries and comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

How to choose the best digital scale

When you begin working with a digital scale, it’s helpful to understand metric measurements as well as ounces. That’s because a lot of marijuana business is done in grams. For example, one gram weighs about the same as a one dollar bill.

Next, an eighth of marijuana is 3.5 grams, or close to the weight of three paperclips or three one-dollar bills.

Then, there are 28 grams in an ounce. One ounce of weed weighs about as much as a slice of bread and makes about 40 joints.

But if you show up with paperclips and bread to weigh out your weed, your friends are going to laugh themselves sick. Spend a few bucks on a scale and you’ll look professional. For those treating medical conditions with home-grown cannabis, it’s essential to have a scale, too.

For personal use, consider getting a scale that’s accurate down to one-tenth of a gram. This level of precision allows you to measure eighths.

Finally, will you leave your scale at home or carry it with you? Tabletop scales are convenient for weighing marijuana for edibles. But pocket scales, especially stealth scales, are fun to use wherever you need them.

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You might find that you want two of the best digital scales for weed. Then you can keep one at home for edibles and weighing your harvest. The other can travel with you in a pocket. If you’re growing, check out our reviews about the best online seed banks, too.

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