The 4 Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractors Reviews & Guide 2021

Which is the best dump cart for lawn tractors? The answer depends on the type of material you’ll be hauling and how much it weighs.

If you have a riding mower or lawn tractor, it makes plenty of sense to get maximum use out of it. Instead of sweating over a wheelbarrow, it’s convenient to haul rocks, soil, sacks of feed, and other heavy items in a dump cart.

Unfortunately, there are lots of dump carts for sale, from Oxcart to John Deere. How do you know if you’re just paying for a brand name?

We did the research to find the best pull-behind carts for the money. Our reviews will help you sort through all the options. Whether you want the best lawn mower dump cart or a hybrid convertible to hitch to an ATV, we’ll help you find it.

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A quick overview of the different types of dump cart

Here are different types of dump cart:

Stainless steel

The traditional dump cart is made of stainless steel. Even with the corrosion-resistant powder coating, it’ll probably need painting once in a while and may benefit from a protective liner.

Fans of steel dump carts say that the loads dump cleaner than they do from plastic or poly. You might also like the tailgate design (see the Precision Products model below).


Poly tubs are tougher than regular plastic and innately waterproof. They don’t crack in cold temperatures and shouldn’t retain the odor of manure if hosed down thoroughly.

Structural foam tubs are similar, but easier to scratch and stain.


Inexpensive plastic tubs on dump carts may be attractive because of the price, but the thin material is prone to cracking within a year or two. They aren’t as sturdy and can’t carry as heavy a load as poly or steel. On the other hand, if you only haul yard waste, they’re a pretty good deal.

The essential features of a lawn tractor dump cart

The number one feature of a dump cart is how much weight it can haul.

The next most important is the cubic foot capacity. This is less obvious than it looks because some manufacturers seem to estimate it with a rounded load instead of the exact measurements.

Our advice is to size up. Buy bigger than you think you’ll need (unless you’re limited by garage space).

Next, check the tires. The least expensive dump carts have wheelbarrow tires that go flat all too fast. Others have more resistant tires similar to what’s on a lawn tractor. The most rugged are commercial-grade tires for tow-behind dump carts, which are well worth the money.

If you’re pleased with the capacity and the build, check out the function. How easy is it to dump the load? Do you have a compatible hitch?

That completes your checklist:

  • Weight it can haul
  • Capacity (cubic feet)
  • Tires
  • Function
  • Hitch

And here’s one last tip if you’ve never used a dump cart or trailer before. If you have a single-axle trailer, it stays balanced better if you load loose material from the front towards the back. Place bags of concrete and the like over the axle and in the front before loading the rear.

The Top Dump Carts at a Glance

CartBest features
Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy Duty
  • 1200lb capacity
  • Convertible handle (padded) for manual hauling
  • Super stable with four wheels and steel frame
  • Interior bed is 6 cubic feet (40” x 25”)
  • Stake pockets to stake out the sides and increase capacity
  • Simple pin connector for lawn tractor or ATV
  • 13-inch pneumatic tires
  • Quick-release dump
  • One-year warranty
Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Hybrid
  • 1250lb hauling capacity, 15 ft.³ bed
  • Compatible with lawn tractors and ATVs
  • 12-inch clearance
  • Rugged structural foam bed with stake out sides
  • Foot pedal activates dumping
  • Rotating hitch swivels to 100°
  • 16-inch commercial-grade tires
Ohio Steel 4048PSD Poly
  • 1200 pound load capacity
  • 15 ft.³ structural foam bed with side pockets for stakes
  • 105° radius swiveling hitch
  • 16-inch turf tread tires on a 1-inch steel axle
  • Spring-loaded hitch pin for riding mowers
Precision Products LDT1002B Steel
  • 750 pound capacity, 10 ft.³
  • 18-gauge powder-coated steel bed, single piece welded body
  • Hardware finished with corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate
  • 16-inch pneumatic tires
  • Removable tailgate
  • 90-day warranty

Best Dump Cart for Lawn Tractors in 2021

See more details in the dump cart reviews below.

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart | 2-In-1 Convertible Handle, 1200 lbs capacity | GOR6PS model

It resembles a grown-up version of the Radio Flyer wagon, but this is no toy. This dump cart can haul up to 1200 pounds.


At 44 inches long and 25.7 inches wide, it’s the perfect size for the typical lawn tractor. The simple pin connection lets it work equally well with a riding lawnmower or an ATV.

Moreover, the high clearance and dual axles keep it stable and mobile over rough ground.

Also, it has a 32” padded handle to let you pull it by hand like a wagon. But you won’t need a ball hitch to hook it to your vehicle. Remove the locking pin, turn the handle 180° and you’ll see the connector.

Versatile and expandable

Although the poly bed measures 40 inches long by 25.6 inches wide, it has stake pockets that allow you to raise the sides taller. The manufacturer, Gorilla Carts, offers simple DIY plans for stake out sides. Besides planks, you’d need a drill with a Phillips head bit and a 1/8″ carpentry bit, screws, washers, and a way to cut the wood at a 45° angle. (The hardware store lumber section might do this for you).


This cart is made to last with 5/8-inch steel axles and an updated steel frame design. The poly bed cleans in a snap. And just in case there’s a problem, it comes with a one-year warranty.

Easy to use

It may have four wheels, but it kneels and dumps smoothly, remaining stable all the while. Happily, it doesn’t take long to assemble, either.


  • 1200 pound capacity, plus the ability to stake out the sides
  • Convertible padded handle for manual hauling and simple pin connection, no ball hitch needed
  • Compatible with lawn tractors, riding mowers, and ATVs
  • Four pneumatic tires, steel frame, maintenance-free poly bed
  • One-year warranty


  • Weighs more than a wheelbarrow of similar size but can be used as one for manual hauling
  • Quick-release dump action, but it requires pulling the lever to lock it in the place after returning the bed to horizontal

Ohio Steel 4048PHYB Pro Grade Hybrid Tractor/ATV Cart with Swivel Dump

It’s a tank on two wheels. If you don’t need four wheels and a manual handle, this dump cart is a fantastic value for the money. This American-made equipment is going to last for years.

Rugged and adaptable

It has 16-inch multi-terrain commercial-grade tires. They have needle bearings with grease fittings. (Yes, you’ll need to grease them before the first use).

If you combine those wheels with a foot of ground clearance and a wide axle that can handle rough ground, what do you get? It’s a dump cart with a multi-hitch connector that handles well behind either a lawn tractor or a UTV.

Plus, this hybrid dump cart can handle up to 1250 pounds in its 15-cubic feet structural foam bed. The pockets around the side allow you to add planks and increase the capacity.


The ability to swivel the cart 100° is another benefit you’ll appreciate in tight spots. Furthermore, it has a foot pedal to dump the bed.


What are users saying about this riding mower dump cart? They describe how it hauls smoothly and dumps easily with minimal need for scraping out the remains. It can take abuse from a bucket loader and rolls quietly over rough terrain. Since it can handle so much weight, be sure to use a vehicle that’s heavy enough to pull it when fully loaded to prevent tipping. Lastly, a single person can assemble it in half an hour.


  • 1250 pound hauling capacity, 15 ft.³ bed with the ability to stake out the sides
  • Stainless steel powder-coated frame and structural foam bed
  • Hitches to lawn tractors, utility vehicles, and ATVs
  • Rotating hitch swivels 100°
  • Foot pedal dumping action
  • 16-inch commercial-grade multi-terrain tires


  • Wheels must be greased before first use
  • Some raking needed to remove loose debris after dumping
  • Single axle means that the vehicle must weigh enough to pull it at full capacity without tipping

Ohio Steel 4048PSD Heaped Poly Dump Cart with Swivel Dump, 12.5 cu. ft.

Here’s money well spent.

Ready to work when you are

This heavy-duty dump American-made cart doesn’t take long to assemble, and it’s ready to go to work. It shares some features in common with the one above, but there are some important differences.

How it’s different from the other Ohio Steel dump cart

This card has a slightly wider radius. It swivels up to 105° for dumping. But like the other model, it has a foot pedal release. Still, it’s rated for 1200 pounds, almost as much.

Next, it has 16-inch turf tread tires, not quite as rugged as the multi-terrain wheels on the other cart. Therefore, it’s appropriate for smooth to moderately bumpy ground, but we recommend the prior model for ranches and remote areas.

Finally, it has a different connector – a spring-loaded hitch pin with a handle.


  • 1200 pound load capacity and a 15 ft.³ structural foam bed with the potential for stake out sides
  • 105° radius swiveling hitch with a foot release pedal
  • Spring-loaded hitch pin for riding mowers
  • 16-inch turf tread tires on a 1-inch steel axle


  • Wheels must be greased before first use
  • Raking needed to remove debris after dumping
  • 15-inch turf tread tires are best for lawns, not rugged ground

Precision Products LDT1002B 10 Cu Ft Steel Dump Cart, 750 lb

You’re not a Luddite if you prefer cold, hard steel. It’s a trustworthy material that resists wear and tear. Therefore, this dump cart was made in the USA just for you.

The advantages of a steel dump cart

It’s like the bed of a miniature pickup – flat and boxy. It even has a removable tailgate. Fans of this 18-gauge steel dump cart point out that when it dumps, there’s no need for raking and scraping. The sharp angle and the flat bottom don’t retain debris.

Although there are no stake pockets to build the sides higher, the 10 ft.³ interior space is perfect for hauling landscaping rocks or bags of concrete. It’s 42 x 30 x 12” in size and can handle up to 750 pounds.

Use the Cleve hitch to connect it to your lawn tractor, and you’re ready to roll.

The one-piece welded frame features a three-quarter inch solid steel axle borne on two 16-inch pneumatic tires with steel rims. It’s just as rugged as it sounds, especially with the corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate coating on the hardware and powder coating on the bed. There is no flimsy plastic here. Should there be a problem, the manufacturer offers a ninety-day warranty. Otherwise, assembly takes less than half an hour.


  • 750 pound capacity, 10 ft.³ bed (40.25” x 30”)
  • 18-gauge powder-coated steel bed and one piece welded body
  • Hardware finished with corrosion-resistant yellow dichromate
  • Removable rear tailgate for dumping
  • 16-inch pneumatic tires
  • Simple assembly, comes with pull pin and Cleve hitch
  • 90-day warranty


  • Could potentially rust as it’s steel
  • Tailgate can be difficult to reinsert

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How much would you pay to save your aching back the hard work of hauling heavy stuff around the yard? How much would you give someone else to do the work for you? Those two questions might help you budget what you’re willing to spend on a dump cart.

There’s nothing wrong with getting your exercise by pushing a wheelbarrow. But at the end of the day, are you going to have energy for the rest of your activities? There are easier ways to manage the job.

The fact is, if you already have a lawn tractor, it’s worth it to purchase a dump cart. And if your old dump cart has rolled its last few feet, there’s no shame in upgrading. Get yourself the best dump cart because it’s an investment that saves wear-and-tear on your body and speeds up the work.

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