The 14 Best Inground Robotic Pool Cleaners Reviews 2021

Dirt and debris on the pool? Yikes! No one wants that. It is not only unsightly but can also be unhygienic!

Luckily, you do not have to spend countless hours cleaning the swimming pool manually on your own. It can be time-consuming and frustrating!

All that you need is to use a robotic pool cleaner. They are smart and they work as if they have a mind of their own. Leave them alone and be surprised to see how clean the pool is afterward.

Not all robotic cleaners, however, are the same. If you have an inground pool, keep on reading and we’ll let you know some of the best products that should be on your radar!

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Top Robotic Cleaners for Inground Pool

After spending hours of research, our team came up with the list below of the top brands and models that should make it on your list.

Dolphin 2018 Premier Robotic In-Ground Pool Cleaner

It has a commercial-quality motor that provides powerful performance while reducing the energy use by as much as 87%. It has Smart Nav software for intelligent navigation. Meanwhile, there are dual brushes to ensure thorough cleaning. For those of you who are on a budget, however, the price is its major drawback. It is one of the most expensive from the products that we have listed in this guide.

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

It has a drop-and-go, function, which means that all that you have to do is drop it in your pool and leave it on its own. It provides deep cleaning in about two hours. It is corded, but it has anti-tangling technology to avoid the wire from twisting. There are some people, however, who noted that it is quite struggling to climb walls of inground pools.

Dolphin Quantum Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

One of its best features is the 400-square inch capacity top loading cartridge filter, which is recognized as the largest within the product category. It comes with Variable Micron Filtration, so even the tiniest traces of dirt won’t be able to escape. The rubber tracks are also impressive, allowing it to climb walls easily. Meanwhile, one of the issues with this model is how the cable can be prone to twisting.

Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner

This is one of the newest pool cleaners from Dolphin. An outstanding feature is the onboard gyroscope, which makes it smarter in delivering cleaning performance. It has 3 DC motors to make it more powerful. At the same time, it is designed to clean while minimizing energy use. It also hast Smart Phone Drive technology that allows it to be controlled through Bluetooth.

Dolphin Triton Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the best features that you can find in this model is the Power Stream technology, which provides the jet with unrivaled cleaning performance. Like the model that has been mentioned above, it also has Bluetooth compatibility, making it easy to control even from a distance. There are dual scrubbing brushes for thorough cleaning performance.

Polaris F9350 Sport Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

One of the things that we love the most is the Aqua-Trac technology in the tires, allowing it to have a strong grip regardless of the surface material. It also has ActivMotion Sensor Technology, which allows it to navigate efficiently, even in pools with irregular shapes. The rear water propulsion, meanwhile, will come handy for the stairs and corners or the pool.

Hayward RC9950GR Tiger Shark Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

For residential pools with a maximum size of 20 x 40 feet, this will be a good robotic cleaner. It has a 24-volt motor that is known for its energy efficiency. The onboard pump, meanwhile, has exceptional suction, providing an assurance that no traces of dirt will be left on the surface. The patented filter cartridge system is also good as it simplifies cleanup.

Pentair 360032 Kreepy Krauly Prowler 830 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

With the advanced design of the scrubs, you can be confident that it will clean the pool floor and walls thoroughly. It comes with a wireless remote, making it easy to control its movement once it is already in the pool floor. Many users were also happy with the internal filtration system, which makes it green. At 45 pounds, however, this can be quite heavy for some people.

Aquabot Elite Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner

It is equipped with dual filtration cartridges that are loaded at the top, making it easier to clean. To add, it has a 360-degree anti-tangle mechanism, so the wire will not end up twisting regardless of the movements that will be made by the robot when it is cleaning your inground pool. For your peace of mind, it comes with a three-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Aquabot Turbo T2 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner

This is rated to clean inground pools with a length of up to 50 feet. There is a quad-brush system, an innovative technology that allows it to thoroughly scrub the floor to loosen dirt and pick it up. The motor comes with an internal microprocessor that helps in ease of navigation. It also has a large and economical filter that will take quite a while before asking for a replacement.

Aquabot AJET122 Pool Rover S2-50 Robotic Pool Cleaner

There are two brushes that will allow it to agitate even tough dirt on the surface and pick it up effortlessly. There are also two cleaning cycles, allowing you to choose what mode is more appropriate for a specific task. While this will be able to clean inground pools, take note that it is only for smaller areas. Otherwise, when the pool is too big, it will end up being inefficient.

Aquabot ABREEZ4WD Robotic Pool Cleaner

For pools with a length of up to 60 feet, this is a robotic cleaner that can prove to be promising. It has 4WD propulsion, which is basically the one that allows maximum grip and efficient turns. It can clean in forward and reverse modes. The cleaner can also effortlessly climb walls, providing an assurance that no portion of the pool will be left uncleaned.

Aquabot ABT Turbo In-Ground Robotic Pool Cleaner

Another entry from Aquabot, it is capable of climbing the side of the pool at up to 90 degrees. There is a built-in filtration system, which will provide an assurance of the cleanliness of the pool water. There are rotating brushes in the front and back for multiple scrubbing actions to get rid of dirt.

Robotic Pool Cleaner Cobalt NC22

The versatile design of this product makes it perfect for both inground and above-ground pools. It is lightweight and comes with a quick-drain system, making it easy to lift it off the pool floor once it is done cleaning. There is a one-year warranty, which some might find quite short, although, this is the standard.


Here, we will answer some of the questions that you might have about robotic cleaners and inground pools.

How Does an Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner Work?

All robotic cleaners for indoor pools are equipped with a motor, which is the one that supplies the power needed. It does not connect to the pool pump. Basically, it works in almost the same way as the robotic vacuum cleaner you have at home.

The robotic cleaners are plugged in a source of power, usually at low voltage, which is the reason why it is safe to use under the water. The motor creates suction and allows the cleaner to propel on the surface. It sucks dirt and debris and contains it in its tank. They are also equipped with a filtration system, making sure that the water is clean when it recirculates in the pool.

How Do You Clean a Robotic Pool Cleaner?

To make it deliver peak performance and prevent dirt from circulating back in the pool, care and maintenance of the robotic pool cleaner will be important. Remove it from the pool and wrap the cord. Open the canister or the container and remove dirt. Clean the filter or replace it once it is extremely dirty. Scrub the brushes and make sure no debris is stuck in between.

What is the Difference Between Inground and Above-Ground Robot Pool Cleaners?

The robot cleaners for inground pools are typically bigger and more powerful, basically because an inground pool is usually larger. Plus, it also has the ability to climb walls. For above-ground pools, climbing the wall is an unnecessary feature. In most cases, using an aboveground robot cleaner in an inground pool will cause it to be stuck.

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Wrap Up

You do not need to pay a pro to clean your pool. Rather, all that you need is to use a robotic pool cleaner that is designed for an indoor pool, including the options mentioned above. They are smart enough to complete the cleaning with minimal intervention while providing an assurance that they will leave the pool spotless.

Have you tried using a robotic cleaner for your swimming pool before? Is there any other product that you would like to include on our list? Do not forget to leave a comment below.

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