The 14 Best Lawn Mower Lifts Reviews & Guide 2021

For a regular check-up or repairing of the lawn mower, there’s a need for the lawn mower lift. A desirable height will help you to work on your mower. Along with this, you will require minimum energy if you are pedaling it with your foot. Just to ensure safety, there should be locking systems as well.

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Top Lawn Mower Lifts

Here is the best lawn mower lift, which will ease your work and help you to make the right choice.

Pro-Lift T-5355A 550 Pound Capacity Lawn Mower Loft

Pro-Lift T-5355A lawn mower lift has a capacity of 550lbs with a lifting height of about 23-3/8 inches. Durable steel built construction with four steel wheels. Just to prevent scratching, a rubber padded platform is given along with it, which protects your lawn as well.

The non-slip foot pedal allows an effortless load lifting. To easily lift the heavy load, the hydraulic foot pedal is given to reduce your efforts. Provided with the dual locking safety latches. Additionally, there is a warranty of about one year from the date for purchase

MoJack EZ Max- Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

The MoJack EZ Max has a unique clutch lifting system for a natural lifting and automatic safety system with the smooth release handle. The lifting capacity of the mower is about 450lbs with the height lifting of 24” high. It fits most of the residential tractors and ZTR mowers, and for secure storage it folds manually.

You can use the hand crank for easy lifting, and it’s great for maintenance. For debris removal, belt replacement, repairs, and blade sharpening, it is the best mower. Alternatively, with the help of the power drill, you can lift your mower. The mower is exceptionally sturdy as well as easy to assemble as well as it is effortless to clean.

COPACHI Push Lawn Mower Lift

The push lawn mower is made of durable steel construction with exceptional stability. It is straightforward to assemble as well as it comes with the adjustment key, which helps to find the suitable height for lifting.

The mower comes up with high quality, and it is a time saver that allows maintaining your lawn in less time. It helps in cleaning the breeze underside as well as the lift help you to make blade removal. Due to the heavy steel used in construction, it is very sturdy and durable.

Pro-Lift T-5305 Lawn Mower Lift with Hydraulic Jack for Riding Tractors and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

T-5305 lawn mower lift comes up with the 90 days warranty from the date of purchase. The mower is built with the welded solid steel with four steel wheels. Along with this, the mower comes up with the dual locking safety latches. There is a lifting height of over 26-inch, which provides the maximum space for specific maintenance.

There is a rubber padded platform that prevents scratching and helps to protect your machine. For the effortless lifting, a non-slip foot pedal is provided. To safely support the loads, there are safety locks. There is an adjustable wheel span which fits on most zero-turn garden tractors, ATVs, push mowers and riding mowers.

MoJack MJPRO 750-Pound Lift for Tractor and Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

MoJack MJPRO 750 – pound comes with the lifting capacity of 750lbs with the lifting height of 28” high. It can easily fit any lawn tractor or ZTR riding mower, which makes it the best lawn mower lift. For wall hanging or secure storage, the mower lift folds flat. You can also lift your mower with the help of a power drill, and for the manual lifting, you can even use a hand crank.

Simply to prevent the machine from slipping or becoming unstable, there’s a feature of self-braking winch and ratcheting safety-lock. For lawn mower maintenance, debris removal, blade sharpening, and belt replacement, this jack is ideal for it.

Troy-Bilt 45700, 500lb Lifting Capacity

The Troy Bilt mower lift comes with an automatic safety system along with a unique clutch system for easy lifting. The front-load lifting capacity of the mower is about 500lbs. The lifting height of the mower is approximately 24” high. It has the wheel span measurement of 18.5 inches to 47.5 inches.

The mower usually fits most of the residential tractors as well as zero-turn mowers as well as for secure storage; it folds flat. This mower is best for belt sharpening, debris removal as well as belt replacements. For easy lifting, it features a unique clutch system and an automatic safety system.

Larin Corporation LMLF-750 Lawn Mower

LMLF lawn mower has a lifting capacity of about 750lbs. There are safety straps for securing the wheels to use with mower lift. The height range of the lift is approximately 26” high. The jack can be fitted in most of the zero-turn mowers as well as the garden tractors.

MoJack XT – Residential Riding Lawn Mower Lift

MoJack XT Residential riding lawn mower lifts safely and efficiently changes the mower blades as well as performs routine maintenance. It has a lifting capacity of about 500lbs. There’s an outer front wheel measurement of 31.5 inches to 62.5 inches and virtually lift the riding mower to 25 inches.

MoJack XT lawn mower lift is the best lawn mower lift as it is best for the work on push mowers and all the other small projects. It comes with exceptional durability along with high sturdiness. The jack can quickly raise the mower with the power drill or one hand

Ballard Inc Super Jack Pro – Mower Jack- ZTR

The Ballard Inc Super Jack is a heavy-duty design that can even lift about 800lbs of weight. For easy and safe access under the deck, it has over 23” clearance with the thick non-slip grips. So, this is a zinc-coated grade 8 hardware that comes in two colors- Hi-Vis green and Hi-Vis Orange.

There are several lifting arm placement options for all the applications. For ease of lifting and safety, a foot pedal kicker is made available along with the non-flat solid, indestructible tires. It works on all the standards, commercial ZTR’s and wall behinds with the width of 27” tire to tire. This is recommended as the best lawn mower lift as it is easy to clean with the highest durability and long life.

MoJack HDL 500 Multi-level Safety Braking System Lawn Mower Lift

The MoJack HDL 500 lawn mower list comes with a lifting capacity of about 60 – 70lbs. The total height lifting of the jack is 26” high. To lock the lift at three height positions of 18”, 21”, and 26”, there are two locking mechanisms on the lower part of the lift. Just to hold the mower in the raised position, there are the adjustable straps provided.

It is constructed of solid steel, which provides high durability. The mower lift is effortless to use as well as it is incredibly sturdy.

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48” Hi-Lift Black Cast and Steel Jack

The Hi-Lift jack has a total lifting capacity of about 7000 pounds. The jacks are provided with the shear bolts for more comprehensive safety and constructed with a mix of cast components as well as four high-strength stamped steel components. It has the vehicle specific fitting type and contains the two-piece handle and socket. They are incredibly reliable and durable.

The jack has the powder-coated finish with the top winch connector clamp as well as the zinc plated hardware. For secure handling, make use of information stickers, operating instructions, and the load details. It is effortless to use as well as it is sturdy and versatile.

High Lift Jack 300-Pound for Tractor Riding Mower ATV Quads

The high lift jack is a heavy-duty hydraulic pump. It comes with a lifting capacity of about 300lbs along with the height of 24” high. Just to keep the load more secure, there is a three-position safety lock. For easy positioning as well as maneuverability, it features 5 in. Wheels. For different size tires, there’s a one-handed six position wheel saddle depth adjustment.

Width adjustments of 5 position wheel fit ATV/Quads and lawnmowers from 25 inches to 39 inches wide center to center. For slow and controlled release, a separate foot pedal is given along with the one pin removal for secure storage. There is a foot-activated pump along with the rubber wheels for easy maneuverability.

Jungle Jim’s Commercial or Push Mower Lift Jack- Even ZTRs

For the high durability and long life, the push mower is made with high-quality steel. This can lift any mower with any angle. To lift the mower with the help of the operator’s leg, there’s a large foot assist pedal on the jack. At the lifting point, the jungle jack’s lifting capacity is about 800 pounds.

The lifting height of the lift jack is about 19” high. To lift the mower with the wider deck, Jungle Jim’s has offered a wider tooth along with this; it can also lift any ZTR or stand-on mower. It has the more prominent tires as well as the bigger foot to assist the heavier mowers.

Ohio Steel TL4500 Tractor Lift for ZTR

The Ohio Steel TL4500 mower is very easy to handle with an easy assembly. It is made up of high-quality solid steel, which gives high sturdiness and high durability. There are the lifting arms which help in positioning the mower at different places along with the support bar between the wheels. The length of the bars is very adjustable.

Features to Consider Before Buying the Lawn Mower Lift

Here are the functions which will help to choose an ideal lawn mower lift. There are many factors which you should be considered, but they are sometimes unknown to you, and as a result, you look for limited features. Given below are the key elements to choose an ideal lawn mower lift, so feel free to have a look at it.


Check out the materials used for the construction as it highly indicates the strength and the life of the product. Look for the screws and the frame as well as their installation, assembly along with the sustainability. The high durability of the product ensures the safety of the product as well as its top performance.

Lifting Capacity

When it comes to lawn mower lifts, lifting capacity is an important feature to look for. If you are looking for a high lifting capacity mower lift, then there will the narrowed selections, while if you look more great selection options, then the lifting capacity can lower down. The incompatible lift will cause damaging accidents.

Functions And Efficiency

When it comes to the mower lift’s functions and efficiency, you should look for its lifting capacity as well as lifting height. It should be able to lift heavy mowers without any accidents. It should prevent accidents when lifting heavy mowers. It should be easy to store, and it should flat fold. Check the materials used as it indicates the product’s sturdiness.

Lifting Height

To carry out the repairs, cleaning, or check-ups lifting height is very important to consider. The height of the mower lift can differ according to the brand, but maximum mower lifts have a lifting height of about 23” high from the ground. So, this enables you to get a more comprehensive view of your continuous check-ups. Do check for the system locking for a certain height.

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There are varieties of the lawn mower lifts with variable specifications in the market. With the above information given, it has become elementary to choose your best lawn mower lift. The list of the best jacks is your biggest time saver to make the right choice. As you know, regular maintenance, check-ups, and repairs are very necessary for the superior ability of functioning. Feel free to go through it and choose your lawn mower lift.

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