The 8 Best Lawn Sweeper Reviews & Guide 2021

Keeping your garden or lawn adequately maintained is essential to enhance your home’s safety, beauty, and cleanliness. You can achieve this with different tools and equipment, but lawn sweepers are the most efficient.

An excellent lawn sweeper will provide you optimal efficiency, saves you time, energy, and cost when maintaining your properties. The machine excellently removes debris like grass clippings, fallen leaves, twigs, and others, without causing any damage to your lawn.

A lot of lawn sweepers are available, but in this guide, we look into the standard types and bring you some of the best to choose from.

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Common Lawn Sweeper Types

Different forms of lawn sweepers are available in the market, and it’s essential to know the one that best suits your lawn size and use.

Below are the various lawn sweepers types available:

Tow-Behind Sweeper

This is unarguably the most convenient lawn sweeper type to use. They are designed to hook to a lawnmower or tractor, which pulls them across the cleaning area.

They always have a reasonably large hopper capacity which enables them to hold large amounts of the debris before emptying. These sweepers are recommendable for large properties, but they’re not suitable for waterlogged areas in any property.

Power Sweeper

This lawn sweeper type is fast and efficient, especially for large lawn sizes. They come in dual designs — push-style or trail-behind (Like tow-behind models). Unlike tow-behind, power sweepers are powered by gasoline engines.They are mostly the same size as push mowers, but they can sometimes be as large as the tow-behind types.

Push-Style Sweeper

These types of sweepers are more suited for cleaning small lawn sizes. It is recommended for properties with little or no trees, as they can excellently pick up leaves, debris, and grass clippings.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Lawn Sweeper

We can’t overemphasize the importance of lawn sweepers. They ensure your property stays near, safe, and attractive without spending much time, energy, or cost. However, to get a lawn sweeper with these benefits, you need to consider certain factors before purchasing.

Here are some of the factors you should consider before buying a lawn sweeper:

Sweeping width

Most brands group their lawn sweepers based on their size and sweeping path. The sweeping path is the total area the sweeper’s brushes can cover in a single pass. Companies categorize lawn sweepers by the size of their sweeping path. The smaller the path, the easier it is to maneuver the machine, but the longer it takes to finish a single operation.

Most tow-behind sweepers have wider sweeping paths, up to 50inches in width. These sweepers require fewer passes and hold more debris, thereby reducing time and energy to get the work done.

Lawn size

Your lawn’s size is an essential factor to consider when deciding on the lawn sweeper to purchase. Small properties do not require heavy-duty sweepers like tow-behind. A push-style sweeper will work efficiently. However, for a property with a large lawn size and lots of lands, it’s most advisable to purchase tow-behind sweepers type.

Hopper Capacity

The machine’s size determines its hopper capacity. Nevertheless, it’s still an essential factor to consider when shopping for a lawn sweeper. Stopping to dump the hopper repeatedly during cleaning might be tiring, so it’s advisable to always go for larger ones. Hoppers with Large-capacity are usually around 20-25 cubic feet.

Brush-to-Wheel Ratio

Lawn sweepers with a higher brush-to-wheel ratio work faster and more efficiently due to increased rotation of their brushes per spin. Therefore, if you’re looking for sweepers with great brushes soon and swift operating hours, you know what to look out for before purchasing.


This is dependent on the quality of the materials the sweeper’s components are made of. Higher-end models that can last you beyond a few usages and are easy to operate and maintain, are the most advisable.

These factors will adequately guide you to purchasing the right lawn sweeper. Nevertheless, we’ve also curated a list of our top picks based on numerous factors.

Best Lawn Sweeper in 2021

Agri-Fab 45-0492 Lawn Sweeper

This lawn sweeper has two semi-pneumatic wheels that ensure a smooth ride within the lawn, four fast-spinning brushes that sweep debris into the 25 cu.ft hopper bag that’s 2X larger than most of the normal baggers.

It has a height adjustment level that ensures optimum performance. It is fast, efficient, and time-saving. The sweeper also features an improved dump lever which allows you to dump the hopper bag without leaving the tractor seat.

It is easy to assemble and can also be folded up without tools, thereby saving you storage space. It has a universal hitch that attaches to any tractor or mower. It is highly durable, sturdy, and easy to control while in use.

The 44-inches lawn sweeper will be efficient for your medium-large size lawn. It covers a large lawn area during one pass.

OHIO Steel 50SWP26 Pro Sweeper

Here’s a 42-inches lawn sweeper that comes with a 5-position hitch adjustment, which enables it to fit all tractor or mower brands. It is relatively easy to operate, and handle, and it boasts of optimal sheerness.

The machine comes with great capacity and excellent design, which makes it sturdy for repeated use. It features a patented spiral brush that’s more efficient than standard brushes. This special brush sweeps debris into the hopper bag by capturing them easily.

The gear of the sweeper is also less stressed due to these brushes, thereby increasing durability. The hopper bag can be easily emptied from the tractor seat with a pull of a rope. Its hitch-system is reinforced with a no-slip positive locking system that ensures it stays in place.

Earthwise LSW 70021 21-inches Leaf and Grass Push lawn sweeper

This lawn sweeper works efficiently for small-sized lawns. It is a push-style sweeper type with adjustable sweeper height for easy and efficient debris collection.

The lightweight sweeper features brushes that work in a spinning rake-like manner, ensuring it clears 80% of the debris on the first pass. It has a 21-inches sweep path, and it’s easy to assemble.

Brinly STS-427LXH Tow-behind lawn sweeper

The lawn sweeper type features a 42-inches sweep path and 20 cubic foot hopper capacity which reduces frequency of emptying, and enhances fast operation. It has a6-brush design and a high gear ratio which makes it skip less.

The features an indexed brush height adjustment that enables effective pick up of debris. It requires only a few passes to get rid of the leaves, pine needles, grass clippings, and old grasses on your lawn.

It is easy to assemble, durable, and optimally satisfying.

Yard Commander Tow-behind Lawn sweeper

The tow-behind, steel-made lawn sweeper is of high durability. It covers a large sweeping area of about 48-inches in one pass, and has 14.6 cubic feet hopper capacity. It comes with 4-brushes for sweeping debris efficiently. With proper care, maintenance, and regular use, you’ll surely enjoy the lawn sweeper for a very long time.

Brinly STS-42BHDK Tow-behind lawn sweeper with dethatcher

This multi-purpose lawn sweeper features two rows of 12 independent rust-resistant tine, which is used for thatch extraction from the lawn. It works effectively as a lawn sweeper and a dethatcher without any form of contradiction.

The tow-behind sweeper has 20 cubic.feet hopper capacity, and 42-inches sweep width, which ensures fewer passes and reduced emptying — thereby reducing time of operation.

It also features a high-velocity 6-brush design and a 5:1 brush-to-ground ratio, for faster performance and improved efficiency. It is simple and easy to store, with minimal storage space required.

Scotts Outdoor Power Tools Push Lawn Sweeper

This scratch-resistance 26-inches push-style lawn sweeper is ideal for small-sized lawns. It comes with a 3.6 bushel rear collection bag and a durable steel handle.

The lightweight sweeper boasts of optimal maneuverability. Its usage is relatively easy, and it picks up 80% debris on the first pass. It employs a spinning rake-like action to sweep your lawn, and has a brush height adjustment for effective results.

Craftsman 52″ Tow-lawn sweeper

This lawn sweeper comes with a universal fit hitch that attaches to any tractor brand seamlessly. It boasts of the widest sweeping width any product could ever have — 52-inches, and also the largest hopper capacity — 26 cubic foot.

It allows easy emptying from the tractor seat, and also has an adjustable brush height which ensures optimal performance. The tow-lawn sweeper has 6-brushes of 12-inches diameter each.

It is ideal for large-sized lawns, and it provides you optimal efficiency, swiftness of operation, satisfaction, and durability. It’s one of the most efficient lawn sweepers, and you’ll surely get the value for whatever you spend on acquiring it.

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The use of lawn sweepers is undoubtedly an excellent way  to make garden and lawn maintenance relatively easier. Investing in a durable one will surely save you cost, time, and energy. Depending on your lawn’s size, you can always find yourself a satisfying lawn sweeper. Our guide will help ensure this.

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