The 17 Best String Trimmer Heads Reviews & Guide 2021

Ever wondered how your neighbor’s lawn is so wonderfully trimmed to its edges? That tight spot where you cannot run your bulky grass trimming equipment in your yard stands out awkwardly? Not to mention that walkway which could never be done without hours of labor.

The best string trimmer head holds numbers of string that slashes the weeds & unwanted grass from the edges and tight spots. Working on your walkway is just a matter of minutes. The perfect trimmer helps you manage your garden and keep its wonderful look. When it is string trimmer it makes the management easier.

Best string trimmer replacement head should be a highly durable product that offers the efficient and easy trimming of the weeds as well as the light brush and maintains your lawn.

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Top String Trimmer Heads

Now, let’s review the best string trimmer heads on the market.

Husqvarna 966674401 Trimmer Advance Straight

The trimmer head from Husqvarna is a professional level head that is designed especially for straight shaft trimmers. The split design of the spool offers the prevention of welding and tangling of the trimmer line. The presence of an arrow that is given for correct directional welding helps to eliminate all the guesswork.

It accepts the trimmer line of the diameter.065”, .080” as well as .095”. The trimmer head comes with the .095” or .080” Titanium force trimmer line. It is effortless to use and easy to install with high durability, which ensures the longevity of the product.

Grass Gator 8010 Replacement Trimmer

The trimmer head from the Gator n’ Cut is mainly designed for the gas weed trimmers. It accepts the trimmer line of the diameter .130, which is very long-lasting and provides efficient services. It has designed for the replacement of standard bumps and the feed heads, which are extremely hard to load. This trimmer head is efficient for trimming both grass and heavy weeds.

The high durability of the trimmer heads provides the performance longevity, and it is elementary to install as well as very easy to use.

PivoTrim MaxPower 3317233 Trimmer 095 Inch

MaxPower universal head usually fits in almost all the trimmer models, and it can hold the diameter of the trimmer line of .080” and .095”. It is swift and easy to install, as well as easy to use. The trimmer head prevents the breakage of the line as it cuts with the six pivoting lines. The material used in the construction of the trimmer head is metal, which ultimately offers durability.

High durability offers the efficient cutting of the grass and the weeds, as well as maintains your lawn. A premium pre-cut trimmer line is also added in the pack.

Weed Warrior 16741B Lock Head

The trimmer head from the Weed Warrior is elementary to install, and it can fit a variety of line sizes. The rugged construction of the head makes it highly durable and long-lasting with ideal performance in weed eating tasks, edging, and trimming. The pre-cut line strips mainly to save your time and reduces your frustration of regularly opening the head.

It can hold the diameter of .080” to .105” of the trimmer lines. It is a universal trimmer head that can get fitted to any model of the gas and cordless string trimmers of any brands.

55-491 PivoTrim String Trimmer Attachment

The Pivotrim string trimmer head can get fitted to almost 99% of the gas trimmers. They can fit both curved shaft trimmers as well as straight shaft trimmers, which is very convenient to use and easy to install. The highly durable performance and quality are due to the pivoting action as it prevents the breakage of the line. It can cut with the eight pivoting lines with the natural line and blade loads with quick replacements.

There are a trimmer head and an instruction manual in the package. There is no adapter available in the pack. Carefully see all the instructions while installing the head. The head has M10 * 1.25 thread size, so before buying it, make a note of it.

Echo 21560070B Echomatic Trimmer

The package of the Echo trimmer bump head only contains a trimmer head and no adapter. It can hold the trimmer line of the diameter .105-inches. This trimmer head gets fitted to only some of the trimmer models, but when it comes to efficiency, quality, and durability, nothing can beat this!

This trimmer head is designed for the straight shaft trimmer and not foe the curved shaft trimmers. The engines of the trimmers with 25cc and larger are highly recommended using this trimmer head for better performance.

Echo X480000020 Genuine Echo Trimmer

The trimmer head of the Echo is the original OEM Echo part. It fits into various trimmer models, but it doesn’t fit in many of the specs. It is not compatible with all the models but only for the specific models. Three metal eyelets, the string, housing, and the top cover are added in the package.

Follow all the installations given in the manual during the installation of the trimmer head for proper installation. It is effortless to install, as well as to use. This product is designed for quick and efficient trimming of the grass.

Echo 99944200907 Speed Feed Universal Trimmer

The Echo Universal trimmer head is an original OEM Echo part. The trimmer head fits only in four models- PAS-225, SRM-225, GT-2200, SRM-280. It is straightforward to install and remove. The high durability of the product offers the long-lasting performance of the product with efficient and quick trimming of grass and light brush.

This trimmer head can be used in both straight shaft trimmer as well as curved shaft trimmer.

Anxingo 3317233 Trimmer 095 Inch Commercial

The Anxingo trimmer head is designed to fit in the straight shaft gas trimmers, which can contain the thread size of 10mm * 1.25. It prevents the line breaks and contains the premium pre-cut line. The strong absorption of the shocks increases the trimmer’s lifeline, and it helps in edging and trimming the grass, fences, trees as well as sidewalks.

Do not forget to check the thread size before buying the trimmer head. It is very efficient a quick in trimming and saved your maximum time. Follow the instructions on the manual for the replacements.

Husqvarna 537388101 Universal Straight 095 inch

The trimmer head from the Husqvarna fits in the straight shaft trimmer as well as the trimmers from Echo, RedMax Straight shaft trimmers, and Stihl trimmers. The adapter is included in the package, which helps in the attachment of the trimmer head to the trimmers. It can hold the trimmer line of the diameter .065”, .080”, .095” as well as .105” and has the capacity of 25 feet .095” gauge line.

Just to prevent tangling and welding of the line, there is the split design that is made available. Along with this, it also comes with the .095” Titanium Force Trimmer Line and the directional lines shown on the trimmer head helps in winding the incorrect spool direction.

Panari Trimmer SRM211 SRM225 PAS210

The Panari trimmer head is used in almost all the trimmer lines of the brand ECHO. You may require some tools to fix the head, but it will require very little time. It is straightforward to install and use. The trimmer line will help you in edging and trimming all the grass and the light brush in very less time.

The durability strength of the trimmer head offers high performance, which ultimately saves your time and energy. It doesn’t cause any tangling of the string, which will again do not cause any frustration to you. It offers an easy and quick replacement of the trimmer head.

PivoTrim Universal Hybrid Trimmer Replacement

PivoTrim Tuff Universal hybrid and bladed trimmer head are very easily replaced. There are no tools required for installation except for the screw to put in. It is compatible with the trimmer line of the diameter with .095,” and you can loop it as much as the length it adjusts. It a hybrid trimmer head, which means you can use the blades for cutting the light brush and use the trimmer lines to go through the lawns.

It can maintain all types of lawns. It can also absorb shocks while running through the concrete or the fences to prevent any damage to the strings. It can get fitted to almost all the gas trimmers.

Kwik Loader Universal Trimmer KL650

The trimmer head from the Kwik loader has a stainless steel line locking system, which is the easiest loading trimmer head. It gets fit in all the trimmer, including the straight shaft trimmer, Stihl, Red Max, Echo, and many more. The pack comes with the adapters, instruction manual, color-coded hardware, and 8” square .095 trimmer line. The head can hold all shapes trimmer lines of diameter .095 to .155 in 8” lengths.

It can load the trimmer line on seconds, and the durability of the product offers efficient trimming of the grass as well as longevity of the product.

Weed Warrior 14867B Push N Load Blade

Weed Warrior trimmer head fits in almost 99% of all the gas trimmers. The blades of the trimmer head last longer than the line and help in cutting the grass and the light brush. It comes with the patented push-button technology due to which you can change the blades within seconds. For installing the trimmer head quickly, the kit contains an adapter as well as it includes six durable nylon blades.

The durability of the nylon blades is very high, with easy installation with the push-button technology. The features of the trimmer head are worth the price.

Venseri Trimmer SRM210 SRM2100 SRM225

Venseri trimmer heads fits in all the ECHO SRM straight shat trimmers. It is not designed for the curved shaft trimmers. The diameter of the trimmer head is 3-3/4,” and along with this, it offers high durability. The durability strength offers the long-lasting strength of the trimmer head. It is straightforward to install and effortless to use with the features which will ease your work.

You may need the tools for loading the cutting system, but it is elementary to install.

Oregon SpeedLoad 24500 Replacement Trimmers

The integrated head, along with the disk-like system of the trimmer head, simplifies the replacement of the trimmer line. The cutting system provided by Oregon offers ideal performance for professional jobs. It can be loaded in less than 20seconds as well as it is designed without the removable parts. These trimmer heads replace almost 95% of the trimmer heads of the gas trimmers.

It makes it easy for you to cut the weeds and grass as it saves your maximum time without the requirement of the tools. Note: it is not designed for the electric trimmers.

Trimmer SRM 225 SRM 230 SRM 210 Pas210

The trimmer head of Echo Speed is specially designed for the straight shat trimmers and not the curved shaft trimmers. The head is equipped with 10,000 RPM, which makes it easy to cut all the weeds effortlessly in less time. It accepts the trimmer line of the diameter of 3-3/4” with M10mm * 1.25mm LH threaded. It has high durability strength along with this; it is effortless to install and use. As for the features, this trimmer head is worth the price.

Buying Guide on Weed Eater Head

There are various features which should be considered before any trimmer head

Size of the Head

If you have the smaller yard, then you should go with the smaller head. It all depends on the size of your yard.


Before buying any trimmer head, read all the features and specification with compatibilities.

Single Line or Dual-Line Head

Both of them have their own merits and demerits, but for cutting the branches and dense grasses, the dual-line head is highly recommended.

Shape and Grass Thickness

Before purchasing any product, check the type of grass and its thickness. For the soft grass, string trimmers are ideal to use, and blade trimmers are ideal to heavy and thick grass.

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In the pool of the trimmer heads in the market, it is difficult to choose the trimmer head, which is ideal in performance and quality, so here are some of the best options for you to choose from. When it comes to the compatibility, most of the people recommend choosing the universal trimmer head which can fit in almost all the trimmers and work well for any trimmer line.

Above there are some recommended trimmer heads which are best in quality, durability as well as performance so feel free to go through it.

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