The 18 Best Weed Eater Strings Reviews & Guide 2021

There is always a need for cutting the more heavy weeds and all the grown-up grass to maintain your garden, lawn, or the park. Many products are made available to solve the problem of heavier weeds, which include trimmers and mowers. Trimmers are the best and economical option for cutting grasses and maintaining the garden.

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Top Weed Eater Strings

There is a need for a trimmer line for trimming the grass. Due to the various options in the market, you can get confused over the trimmers, so here are the best recommended top 18 trimmers that are considered the best buying. Feel free to go through the list and make a smart choice.

BLACK+DECKER 0.065-Inch 30-Foot Trimmer Line

Each spool of the black + decker has 30 feet replacement line with a 0.065-inch diameter line. With the elimination of the bumps and hitches, the trimmer line easily cuts the grass as it utilizes the centrifugal force to make the process. This trimmer line is compatible with various trimmers, which also includes trimmers from other brands as well as the trimmers from black + decker.

This is a pack of 3 spools which offers the factory wounding of the spool maximum reliability. Replacement spool provides a heavy duty and eases the tedious work as well as saves time. The company offers a 2-year warranty for the pack of 3-replacement spools.

Oregon Magnum  22-895 Gatorline .095-Inch by 685-Foot Square Trimmer Line

Oregon Gatorline square trimmer line has 0.095” inch, which is considered best for cutting more massive weeds effortlessly. These are the commercial trimmer lines that are incredibly durable. The inner core of the line resists the breakage due to which it has a longer life and requires less time in winding spools.

The trimmer line contains the high cutting efficiency, which ultimately saves your time as well as allows you to get the straighter cuts effortlessly and offers cleaner space. It fits in many string trimmer models but has some exceptions. It has a transparent, thick, and breakage-resistant skin. The trimmer line comes in three shapes- square, round and super twists. High durability offers longer life, saves money by few spool refills.

Husqvarna 0.095″ By 1/2″ Titanium Force Orange/Gray String Trimmer Lines

Husqvarna trimmer lines come in the silver color. This is a commercial-grade trimmer line that has 0.095 inches of the diameter. Cutting edge design of the trimmer line offers longer life, faster acceleration, and high performance, which allow less reduction of the fuel. The performance of the line is speedy, which offers a quick run for the trimmers.

The trimmer line fits in almost all the trimmer heads, which also includes a free line cutter. The low noise lines provide a better working environment as it reduces the noise by 50%. The product has a commercial-grade that is suitable for trimming grass.

DEWALT 225-Feet by 0.080-Inch DWO1DT802 Trimmer Line

DEWALT DW01DT802 trimmer line has .080-inch of the diameter with 225ft. Longevity. The trimmer line is optimized for cordless cutting efficiency designed for an aerodynamic trimmer. The line is designed for more prolonged and durable use as they are made from impact-resistant and combination of flexible materials.

The trimmer line comes from the commercial-grade and used for trimming as well as cutting grass. It is highly durable, which offers a longer life of the spool.

WORX 6-Pack WA0010  Replacement Trimmer Line

WORX trimmer line is a pack of 6-spool, which is 10ft long. It is made of nylon resin and synthetic material, which produces sharp edges of the line. The aerodynamic design of the line offers to reduce noise and line flutter. This trimmer line is compatible with all the products from WORX and other brands. The aerodynamic cuts of the line offer more effective cuts, which ultimately saves your time and money.

The tensile strength of the line is more as compared to the other lines, which eventually offers high durability with longer life.

Maxpower .095-Inch 333695 855-Foot Residential Grade Round Trimmer Line

Maxpower trimmer line contains 855’ long lines with .095” diameter. The Maxpower trimmer line is made from sturdy nylon, which offers durability. The product is available at a very economical price and offers premium cutting of the grass. The spool contains enough line for approx 42 refills. This includes the spool of round-cut trimmer.

High durability provides a longer life of the line. It is flexible enough for better performance and offers effortless cutting of the grass.

Cyclone  CY065D1/2 Desert Extrusion .065″ x 300′ Blue Commercial Trimmer Line

The Cyclone Desert Extrusion trimmer line is 300 feet long, and it has a 0.065-inch diameter. This commercial graded line is made with six-bladed shapes, which add more cutting power. Copolymer formulation of the line provides long-lasting and effortless cutting of the grass with the copolymer formulation, cyclone trimmer gives an extended use.

The pack of 4 trimmer lines provides flexibility, durability as well as longer life.

EGO Power+  50M AL2450S Premium Quality 2.4mm Twist Line

EGO Power premium quality twist line is a professional grade line with .095 diameter. The line is almost 160 feet long and compatible with EGO POWER trimmers. High durability of the product ensures a long life with compatibility and quality. The commercial-grade of the line offers trimming and cutting of grass.

Because of the sharp edges on the line, the cutting of the grass becomes effortless and requires less time.

Makita 1 lbs T-03361 Green Round Trimmer Line

Makita round trimmer is the professional-grade trimmer line made of premium co-polymer nylon. The line is wear-resistant and has high flexibility. The trimmer line fits all the standard trimmer heads. It has high durability due to which it lasts long and cuts the grass effortlessly. The effortless cutting of the grass helps in saving time and money.

The more extended service of the trimmer line offers better performance in trimming and has its multi-purpose use.

Oregon .080-Inch/413-FootGatorline 21-380 Round String Trimmer Line

Oregon Gatorline round string trimmer line made of nylon co-polymer, which is filled with additives to add longer life. Because of the premium quality materials are added, the longevity of the trimmer line increases, and it breaks less. It fits in many models of trimmer line but not to some specific ones. The line has .080” diameter, which is best for the small jobs such as trimming the lighter weeds in the yards.

The round shape of the trimming line offers effective cutting, and its high durability increases the working performance and adds life.

Greenworks 3-Pack Dual Line .065-Inch String Trimmer 2900719 Replacement Spool

Greenworks dual-line string trimmer has three replacements as it is a three-pack string trimmer pool. It will fit in all the trimmers which have .065-inch diameter. The string trimmer offers high quality and helps to cut the grass very quickly. The durability of the product guarantees the long life of the product. The spool is compatible with Greenworks 2101602 and 2101602A dual-line string trimmers. The proper fit and size of the spool offer the appropriate replacement.

Echo  .095” diam. 311095063 Cross-Fire Line

The string has about .095 diameter and long enough to use in the garden trimmers. The company offers two colors in the trimmer lines. These are best to butcher the grass. Extreme durability provides a long-lasting performance of the lines. It is recommended for you to use only commercial use.

Anleolife .095-Inch –by-1280-ft  Commercial Square 5-Pound String Trimmer Line

Anleolife string trimmer line is made of 66 copolymers tough nylon. This is a total time saver as the multi-side cords of the string slices the thicker grass quickly as well as the more massive weeds. For most of the other makes including Husqvarna, Ryobi, Stihl, Echo, Weed Eater, Decker, Black, and Craftsman; these are more than the perfect replacement lines for all the electric trimmers and gas trimmers.

The line has a diameter of about .095-Inch with the 1280-ft of the length. This trimmer line is compatible with any of the mowers, and it offers durability. It has enough flexibility to prevent shattering, as well as the edges of the line, which are super sharp than others. The line comes with the best quality with the best value. The company offers eight different colors for the trimmer line.

Swisher Pre-Cut  P3618 18-Inch Trimmer Line

The Swisher 18-Inch replacement trimmer is a long nylon wire trimmer string. It contains 36 pieces of trimmer lines which have .155-Inch diameter. The long length of the trimmer means you can ultimately save your money as there will be no need to buy the next spool. You can even use it in many of the garden trimming sessions due to the long length. This string can also be used in the 22-Inch trimmer mowers of Swishers.

The string of the trimmer is well worth the price as it also has a longer life with high durability strength. If you consider the long life and the durability along with the length of the line, then this trimmer line is very affordable and worth it.

Weed-Warrior Pulverizer

Weed Warrior trimmer line has a professional-grade and made from the best quality nylon. This is best for heavy-duty and has exceptionally high standards for commercial use. It has a universal fit technology as it is compatible with the trimmers of all brands. The line is made with tight quality control, which guarantees high durability and long-lasting performance.

Best for cutting all kinds of weeds and maintenance of the general yard and outdoor maintenance.

CRAFTSMAN 0.08-Inch String Trimmer Line

CRAFTSMAN trimmer line quick wind twisted line has .080” diameter including five lengths. High durability helps to tackle all the trimming projects effectively and adequately. The long-lasting performance of the trimmer line helps in getting the job done in less time and helps to reduce your efforts.

Weed Warrior 0.095″/200 Titanium 17061 Trimmer Line

Weed Warrior titanium trimmer line shows the high performance in cutting. It has an excellent performance in trimming all variety of weeds in less time. It has a universal fitting in almost all brand trimmers. The trimmer line has incredible durability with long-lasting performance and made with high-quality nylon.

The line gives professional results in trimming grass as it cuts the grass evenly. The trimmer line is very economical and worth the price.

Ryobi AC14RL3A One+ OEM .065 Spool Replacement

Ryobi one cordless trimmer line is a pack of 3 spools. It is easy to use and offers high durability. The line has .065” diameter, which is considered best for cutting heavy weeds. The trimmer line fits best RYOBI ONE + CORDLESS PRE-WOUND SPOOL trimmers. The line saves your time, energy, and they are 9’ UV Protected as they also work with sun rays.

The trimmer has a long-lasting performance as it ensures safety.

Buying Guide on Weed Eater String

Types/Shapes of Weed Eater String

There are five different types/shapes of weed eater strings found in the market today.

  1. Round
  2. Multi-Sided
  3. X Lines/Twisted
  4. Square
  5. Serrated Lines/Jagged

Features to Consider for Buying Trimmer Lines


The trimmer line comes in different shapes. It may not seem a significant priority, but it is one of the essential factors to consider while buying a weed trimmer string.


Always look for the sustainability of the trimmer line and check what it is made of. The trimmer line of high durability is considered the best product for cutting grass. It determines the longevity of the trimmer line. The flexibility and strength of the line depend upon the durability, so durability is the crucial factor to consider.


Plastic strings often get destroyed at hot temperatures. So you need to find a string that is weld-prone or resist welding temperature.

Flight Characteristics

Before touching the grass or weed, the string is flung through the air. So you need to consider the aerodynamic of the trimmer string you are using.

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There is the number of the trimmer line available in the market which has different features which might confuse you. We have recommended one of the best top 18 trimmer lines in the market, which will save your time and effort to choose the best line for you. Feel free to read all the information given above, and don’t forget to read the features to consider the section to make a smart choice.

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