How to Build A Fence – DIY Guidance

Like any other construction project, putting up a fence takes time, careful planning, and hard work. If you’re doing this task for the first time, you might think it’s so challenging. No worries; our guide on how to build a fence will simplify it for you. We will show how to line up, set posts, create solid panels, and design no-sag gates without using expensive tools or materials!

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How To Build A Fence – Quick Guidance


Before getting deep into the process of how to build a fence cheaply, it’s a must to check out our tool list!

  • Hammer
  • Handsaw
  • Ladder
  • Power drill 
  • Spade
  • Tape measure
  • Nails
  • Safety gear
  • Set square
  • Pressure-Treated Posts
  • Pressure-Treated Lumber
  • Concrete Mix
  • Exterior Screws


Step 1: Plan Permission

At the beginning of our guidance on how to build a fence for a garden, it is necessary to inform your plan with your neighbors. This way, nobody can kick off a neighborhood war due to a surprise fence! In addition, your community may require you to obtain a permit for your fence.

Next, you need to contact your county’s clerk or surveyor to get one copy of your home’s map. They’ll have plot maps or other legal documents that describe your land. Once you get it, check for underground gas, water, and electrical pipelines in the vicinity before digging. 

Step 2: Take Measurements 

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

In the following step of our guide on how to build a fence from pallets, let’s take measurements along the whole fence line. Carefully measure the length of the fence, including the gates. For extensive layouts, a measuring wheel may be helpful. Outline the object with chalk or spray paint, then indicate gate placements.

After that, calculate how many fence posts you’ll need. To figure out how many posts are needed, multiply the length of your fence by the post spacing. Usually, we cut the post at 6 – 8 feet.

Step 3: Mark The Layout 

You need to verify and mark the property line to figure out where you’ll be able to put fencing. To make it easier, you can consider making a draft on graph paper.

In case you want a gate, you must first determine where it can be. Based on our experience, it would be better to place the gate on a flat surface with the hinge facing downward. On your fence map, mark positions of the posts and gates as well as the distance between post centers.

Step 4: Dig Holes And Position Posts

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

Next up in our guide on how to build a fence for cheap, it is a must to dig holes to the desired depth. The post hole’s diameter is typically three times the post’s width. Above all, you need to keep an eye on utility lines and pipelines. 

After that, pour about 3 – 4 inches of gravel into each post hole. You can continue to add 6 – 8 inches of concrete mix on top of the gravel. Then, place the post throughout the center of the mixture and use a level to ensure that it is in an appropriate position. 

To make concrete, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to determine how long it takes to dry and set completely (keep in mind that this can take up to a few days).

Step 5: Install Fence Panels To The Posts

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

The procedure continues with positioning a fence panel between two posts, with the ends of the panel hitting the middle of each post. 

You should attach the panel to the four-by-four post by driving screws through the front of the panel and the stringer part (the horizontal structural member). Carry out the same procedure for all stringers on the panel and move on to the next stage!

Step 6: Attach Fence Pickets To Rails

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

You can use a drill or a hammer to attach the pickets to the rails. Remember that building with panels is much faster and easier than pickets. Panels are typically fastened directly to the fence posts, eliminating the need to install rails and pickets one by one.

If you intend to use panels, consider placing a removable panel somewhere along your fence. You may need to detach these panels to make a more extensive gateway into the yard.

Step 7: Build And Install The Fence Gate

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

You might wonder how to build a fence gate that won’t sag ? In fact, a gate hardware kit is required while putting up a fence gate, which helps maintain the squareness of the gate and prevents drooping over time. 

Let’s double-check your measurements and drill pilot holes for the hinges on your gate section and gate posts. After that, attach the hinges to the gate and then the gate to the posts. Finally, carefully install your locking mechanisms according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step 8: Stain Or Treat The Wood

How to Build A Fence
How to Build A Fence

Now we come to the last stage of how to build a fence gate – treat the boards to extend the longevity of your fence. You can stain or paint pressure-treated lumber. Also, you can customize your fence with decorative posts or finials to express your personality. Enjoy! 

Safety Tips

Always prioritize your safeness with our tips below:

  • Undertake any fencing project with the help and assistance of a friend or a family member.
  • When necessary, always wear proper safety equipment. 
  • Always wash your hands after using cement, as wet cement can cause burns. 
  • Allowing concrete to cure on your tools is a bad idea; remove it with a stiff brush.

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Final Thoughts

Setting up a fence yourself is a great way to save costs. Rather than doing it alone, you can start the project with your family or friends to strengthen bonding. Just follow the above guides on how to build a fence; you will bring your dream yard one step closer to reality!

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