How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside? A Step-To-Step Tutorial For You

Have you ever experienced your Barbeque party being interrupted by the dirty flies in the backyard? Or, when you are having a great time sunbathing, the outside flies keep coming and landing on your food and beverage. 

These are some of the thousands of relaxing moments that flies can ruin. Along with causing disturbance to your activities, flies bring considerable health problems. However, you don’t need to be overly worried. Our article will teach you how to get rid of flies outside.

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How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside?

We will focus mainly on the solutions on how to get rid of flies outside naturally by taking advantage of materials and ingredients available in your house. 

#1 Prepare Essential Tools And Materials

Before opting for any of these methods below, firstly, you need to prepare some fundamental materials and tools. You don’t have to get all of these objects. The preparation stage will depend on which methods you are going to use:

  • Oscillating fans and extension cord: These are indispensable tools for the #2 method.
  • Sugar, Unused water bottle, and Tape: Prepare these stuff if you want to build a flytrap
  • Citronella candle: For people selecting the #4 method
  • Flyswatter: Of course, you will need this item for the #5 method
  • Vodka, Sandwich bags, Clothespin, and Rope: This cheap and easily made combination is more efficient in dealing with flies than you can expect 
  • Essential oils and cloth: To make your fly strips

#2 Use A Fan

Using a fan can be an answer to your question, “How to get rid of flies outside house?”

A strong breeze is the enemy of every small and flying insect. Outside flies are not the opposite. Whichever spot you want to prevent the flies from coming up and ruining the atmosphere, you can place an oscillating fan there. 

When you are having fun with your family or friends at a picnic party or backyard grill, you should utilize the extension cords to boost the blowing range of the fans. Immediately the flies have to face the gust, and they will change their flying route.

#3 Create A Flytrap

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside
How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside

This tutorial will show you how to get rid of flies outside home remedies. Specifically, using a homemade fly trap. Making a flytrap is simple, and you can utilize the readily available stuff in your house. 

Firstly, you have to form a mixture of water and sugar with the ratio of ¼ cup of sugar into a full cup of water. Then, cut the used water bottle into two halves. 

The first half is ⅓ from the bottle’s top, and the other half is the left part of the bottle. The ⅓ first half will play as the one-way entrance to deceive flies into flying in. On the other hand, the ⅔ left part is the “prison” for the flies when they fly through the one-way entrance.

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside
How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside

We will move on to the setting-up stage. Pour the sugar water mixture into the ⅔ half. Next, place the ⅓ part upside down and above the liquid container as long as there is a moderate gap between the bottleneck and the mixture. 

Lastly, use tape to steady the contact point of the “entrance” and the “prison” and wait for a promising result.

#4 Use A Candle

In this method, the candle you use must have a citronella scent. Citronella will release a strong aroma that is pleasant for humans but irritating for mosquitos and flies. 

Therefore, all you have to do is light some of the Citronella candles and place them on the spot flies often come to. Getting rid of flies outside can’t be easier, right?

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside
How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside

#5 Use A Swatter

Apart from the manual swatter, now we have the electric one. This method is straightforward, effective, and always available. You can swat flies whenever and wherever you want if you have a swatter with you. The feeling of swatting a fly to death is satisfying.

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside
How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside

#6 Vodka Can Help

You may feel a bit surprised. But, yes, Vodka can help to avoid flies by its alcoholic odor. Besides, this is also the answer to “How to get rid of flies in yard” many people wonder about.

At the first step, take the sandwich bags you have prepared. Next, you have to fill half of the bag with Vodka. You can pour more than 50% of the bag, but this amount is efficient to deal with flies. You can store the left Vodka for later uses or divide it into other bags. 

Once you finish filling the sandwich bags, you should tightly zip them. The Vodka smell is strong, and if you don’t zip the bags carefully, the excessive odor will also annoy you. 

Then, utilize the clothespin to hang the Vodka bags on the rope. The place you set up the rope should be around the high-traffic area of flies, like around your backyard or near the bushes. 

#7 Homemade Fly Strips

This section is for people looking for the answer to “How to get rid of flies outside patio?”

You can buy commercial fly strips in any supermarket or convenience store. However, why don’t you make your safe-to-health strips with available ingredients? All you need to prepare are some pieces of cloth and drops of essential oil.

The pieces of cloth should be twelve inches in length and one inch in width for each piece. Besides, the essential oils must have an anti-fly scent like lemongrass, lavender, citronella, rosemary, clove, or mint. 

Firstly, drip the essential oils into the cloth pieces until they get quite damp. Secondly, place the damp cloth on the tree branches or railing to get rid of flies outside.

How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside
How To Get Rid Of Flies Outside

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Bottom Lines

Instead of using the chemical insect sprays to prevent outside flies, you should rely on these convenient and easy-to-make methods to deal with the irritating winged nuisance. After reading our post, you now know how to get rid of flies outside. Carefully carry out these steps, you will get positive results.

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