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Basil is a scented, adaptable, and widely used plant. It is one of the most popular herbs in America. Basil, also known as Ocimum basilicum, grows indoors and outdoors in several cuisines, especially summer salads and pasta. 

Basil is surprisingly easy to cultivate from seeds or a cutting part, and you can place it in the ground or a pot. It is beneficial when getting a basil pot at home. 

This article will show you step by step to find out how to grow basil and some useful tips to take care of your plant.

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How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Basil

When to Grow Basil? 

You should start to plant basil approximately two weeks after the last frost. It is also possible to plant it in the summer. Suppose you plant basil from seeds, plant seeds six weeks before the latest frost date. 

If you are wondering how to grow basil plants, you should be concerned about suitable temperatures for the basil plants, especially in the spring since they are quite susceptible to cold. So keep an eye on early spring temps and cover if required. You should grow basil when the temperature of the soil is around 50 to 70° F.

How To Grow Basil? 

How To Grow Basil From Seeds?

A common fact is that most gardeners choose to grow basil from seed in a pot indoors from the start of a season. Basil seed planting is simple and requires no professional tools or skills. To know how to grow basil from seed, check this out!

You need these materials before starting:

  • Basil seeds
  • Starter pots
  • A container with a dome 
  • Mixture for starting seeds
  • Mist sprayer

Now follow these basic steps:

Step 1: Fill the starter pots halfway with a mixture of seed that is slightly moistened, approximately 12 – 1 inches from the top of the pot. 

Step 2: Fill each pot with basil seeds. After germination, you may choose the strongest seedlings by placing some seeds in the center of the container. Some seeds will not germinate because they are duds. 

How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Basil

Step 3: Spread a quarter-inch of dry seed in the starter pack.

Step 4: Mist the basil seeds lightly with water. You can use a fine-tipped spray bottle, a specialist garden mister, or a gentle spray from the faucet that can dampen the mixture and ensure that the seed contacts excellently with the soil.

Step 5: Place the basil in a specific plastic dome container to preserve the humidity. 

Step 6: Set aside in a warm area with a temperature of around 70 degrees. Remove the plastic wrap or dome that covers the pot and set it in a bright windowsill.

Step 7: Remove the dome when the basil has emerged. Then, place it in a sunny location such as on a window sill. Mist the soil frequently to keep it wet.

Step 8: Transplant the basil into a 3 inches pot. You can supplement the nutrients with a mild fertilizer solution.

Step 9: Move the basil pots outside. This helps the basil to adapt to the tougher circumstances found outside. When the temperature outdoors reaches the 70s, transfer the basils to a protected area outside for a week.

How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Basil

That is how to grow basil indoors from seed. Now you have a bunch of fresh basil to enjoy!

How To Grow Basil From Cuttings?

Some people want to know how to grow basil from cuttings since it is easier to find a branch of basil in your kitchen. This is a simple method to get started. 

You need these materials before starting:

  • One large full, robust basil plant
  • Scissors or knife
  • Small pots
  • Freshwater
  • Growth hormone
  • Potting soil

You may propagate the basil by following these steps:

Step 1: Grab some basil from existing plants.

Step 2: With kitchen scissors or a knife, remove all the leaves at least 2 inches from the bottom of the stems. 

Step 3: Plant in a potting mix after dipping the stem in a growth hormone.

How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Basil

Step 4: Before planting in the ground, soak the stem in water for at least a few weeks until you see its mature roots.

Step 5: Place the basil on where it has ideal brightness in pots filled with water. Choose a location that receives no direct sunlight since the plants may suffer from heat exhaustion at this time. Keep the stems in the pot for about 6 to 8 weeks. Remember to water them occasionally.

How To Grow Basil
How To Grow Basil

The tiny plants will begin to develop new leaves and shoots. You will have plenty of fresh basil before you realize it. 

Basil Plant Care Tips 

  • Water Frequently

Basil prefers to be kept wet and requires around 1 inch of water each week. You should water the plant deeply at least once a week to keep the soil wet and the roots deep. 

Either growing basil plants in pots or any containers, the objective is to maintain the soil moist. The ideal time of the day to water the basil plant is early morning. 

  • Do Not Over Fertilize

Basil is a hardy plant that requires little to no fertilizer. Too much fertilizing will destroy the basil’s taste. If you want to fertilize the plants, you just need a small portion of liquid fertilizer two times in a season. 

  • Plant Basil And Tomato Together

Basil has a significant advantage when adopting this approach. Growing basil together with tomatoes improves the flavor of both. Tomatoes, oregano, lettuce, or peppers are some of my amazing plants to cultivate with basil.

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In Sum 

It is not too difficult to have a bunch of fresh basil and enjoy it with savory dishes. We hope you have figured out how to grow basil seeds indoors and how to grow basil from cuttings. Start your little basil garden now!

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